Pistoia Zoo
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Pistoia Zoo

If you decide to spend your holidays in Lucca, also enjoy visiting the zoos in Pistoia.

Zoo Pistoia covers a green park surrounded by hills, a very large area, about 75,000 square meters, making it one of the most important in Italy. It hosts a large number of animal species, including mammals, birds and reptiles: bears, tigers, jaguars, lions, chimpanzees, giraffes, hippos, zebras, pythons, anacondas, eagles, hawks – and exotic specimens.

Visiting the Zoo Pistoia means not only observing animals in captivity, but also get in contact with the initiatives and activities of the animal world, the result of a constant work of the organizers and staff; this work is open to everyone and may imply suggestions and ideas. Depending on the age and interests, you can participate in various educational activities.

Visit the zoo is also making a contribution to research projects for the conservation of animal species, such as the one that is currently developed in Madagascar to facilitate the survival of protected species.

Initiatives Pistoia Zoo

Laboratory of Biodiversity Zoo Pistoia
Laboratory of Biodiversity is an initiative created by the Pistoia Zoo to engage participants to questions about animal life and threats brought to the harmony of nature and natural environments, such as massive and irresponsible use of resources natural.

The “Incontri bestiali” Zoo Pistoia
This constitutes an opportunity of direct contact with specimens that inhabit the zoo: Oscar the ferret, Anacleto the owl, snake Elf are some of them. At Pistoia you can be friends with them and many others, helped by zoo staff for an unforgettable experience that encourages an approach to animals, and awareness against the widespread practice of abandonment.

Mobile Laboratory
It is available on Saturdays and Sundays. Here the guides zoo will help you get in touch with the stories of animals from near or far, in order to understand not only the issues of the animal world, but also the importance of respecting the different forms of life and the protection of biodiversity.

Offers of stay in Lucca

Take advantage of our special packages and offer yourself and your children a unique experience, such as the visit to the Zoo of Pistoia.

How to get from Lucca to Pistoia Zoo

By car
A11 Firenze Sea, exit Pistoia. Take the highway at Lucca Est, exit at Pistoia West and turn left following the signs to the zoo.