Pisa Airport | Getting to Lucca from Pisa Airport
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Pisa Airport – Lucca

For customers who take the plain, we suggest arriving at Pisa (a few kilometers from Lucca) and follow (by car) the information for the Antica Residenza Del Gallo, but if you want to use the train or bus, follow our instructions.

By bus
It is possible to buy tickets for Lucca inside the airport of Pisa. The bus terminal is located just outside the Arrivals; the station is inside the airport. Once you are in Lucca, follow the signs that lead to our Residence-Hotel in Lucca center 10 minutes walk.

From Pisa to Lucca, the main stops on both lines available (bus) are:

  • Airport
  • Pisa Centre
  • S. Giuliano
  • S. Maria del Giudice o Ripafratta (second line)
  • Lucca (Piazzale Verdi)

By train
Station Pisa airport is located just outside the airport, you can take the direct train to Lucca, then follow the signs to our residence- hotel – Lucca center 10 minutes walk.